Best Step Ladder

Best Step Ladder

At home and at work, there is often a need to do some work at height. Easy way to put a chair or stand on the table. But besides replacement of bulbs, we have to do a lot more work at height. And this is not only about the household, ladder is a must have appliance on most enterprises.

There are plenty of such jobs:

  • wash windows,
  • hang curtains,
  • get things from the top shelves of the closet,
  • hang a picture,
  • mount a bookcase,
  • home repair,
  • work in the garden (harvesting, rejuvenation of trees, rehabilitation),
    everything that requires frequent lifting up and down or perform lengthy actions, climbing 3-9 ft meters above the ground

So what should you know before buying, what types of ladders are, and, finally, which model is best to choose for you.

Best Home Step Ladder

The functionality of ladders is based on the typical design features and the material from which they are made. The structure consists of two vertical supports connected by horizontal jumpers – steps.

A ladder types are:

  • freestanding
  • adjacent inclined
  • hinged
  • attached vertical

Stepladder in the unfolded form represent a stable isosceles triangle. Rubberized tips are put on the legs for greater stability. An alternative design option is stairs on both sides.

Ladder on Enterprise


To ensure the stability of the design, the ladders are equipped with upper platforms or safety belts in the middle (sometimes in the form of belts).
The legs can be equipped with a crosshead – a wide bar that fixes them in pairs in a single plane.

Standard equipment is divided into household and professional models (semi-professional models are more of a household class). In order to determine which design and class to choose, at first you should decide in what conditions it is necessary to work in and what is the range of tasks. Basic characteristic for household ladders-fasteners are:

  • the small size,
  • compactness,
  • the maximum loading to 250 lb.

At the stores you can find folding one-way or two-sided ladders, and also other types of the ladder equipment.

How to Choose Step Ladder

The professional ladders are characterized by a payload up to 330 lb and the ability to climb more than 30 feet.
Reliability and stability of the construction are subject to special requirements to avoid injuries at work.

Semi-professional products are used in domestic and industrial conditions. They are bought, for example, when it is necessary to make apartment renovation, paint ceilings and walls, make facing of external walls and so on.


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